May 1, 2014

It's The People

"I love smiling at strangers,
Whistling at birds.
Complimenting hairdos
that others think absurd.
Spreading the kindness each bend in the road.
Living the ways of an unspoken code."

Everywhere I go I meet people.  And it's certainly no different while sailing in the Bahamas. 

The countless beautiful sunsets may take my breath away, and the water always soothes my soul.  
The stars own me, and freedom to "just be" is beyond words. 

But any cruiser will tell you, its the PEOPLE you meet and interact with along the way that really makes it what it is… a beautiful sensation in living… that's really what it's all about, plain and simple… things fade, people live.

Sunsets may fade, water will leave with the tide, but the feelings from social circles remain.

So for now I would like to post a section here that shows a very small fraction of the PEOPLE I have encountered along this aquafina journey since departing Jan. 1, 2014.

Most of the people I had any type of interaction with are not pictured here, because it was a brief encounter with many or them or maybe taking a photo was just not the thing to do at the time.

Many of these pics have appeared on other posts from the Glory Day's blog… but PEOPLE are what remains in my memory most of all.. so without further ado, here's a small fraction of the people I encountered along the way… may they all live happily ever after.  Amen

If you ask total strangers to pose for a photo, they usually will.
I couldn't help but wonder what she was whispering in his ear.
Jesse is a bright aspiring young man who is wise beyond his years.
Sassan works at the marina dock in Fernandina.  He is ever quick with a spring line and even quicker with a smile.
My buddy, Gary the carpenter.  He built a custom table for Glory Days.  He can build anything.
Malcolm came for a visit and is now piloting his own sailboat here.  So long Lake Lanier. Hello islands.
Herons know how to pose for the camera.
Night life folks in Fernandina.  They played my song.
Joe and Peggy on their version of Glory Days… Cumberland Island encounter.
Roger in the middle has worked the Fernandina dock for over 12 years… "best office in the world" he says.
Chris and Beth and Orie on a chilly sail to Cumberland just days before I departed south.  They shared their unique Fernandina home with me.
Talk about a quality guy.  Here he is.  Dixon, loading the boat.  He was crew for the first leg to Ft. Lauderdale during the
Polar Vortex.
Dixon and wife, Tricia, climbed Live Oak trees on 
Cumberland Island.
Beach Babes that never knew me.
Yoga-ites that never knew me.
Older man on park bench that did not care to know me.

Older man walking the beach… he smiled at me.
The Craigster at the helm in Ft. Lauderdale.
His wife, Linda … the lobster slayer… lion fish  beware too.
Craig and Linda love their Airstream
Jamie, the Englishman helped crew for a day from
Ft. Lauderdale to Miami.
Boat girls like this seem to follow me everywhere…
I was able to escape them this time.

She had no business wearing shorts this tight… and small.
but she was happy with it.
Jesus at South Beach… .
The eyes of an artisan drew me in… I did not linger.
The Mime never came out of character… but I still winked at her.

The Cafe Dancers...  
The Volley Ball Pro


The Mystery Girl With The Surfboard...

The Body Builder
The Future Senator
The Gymnast
Tony From Toronto, a single handler like me, was a great neighbor at the No Name Harbor anchorage… thanks for helping me install the solar panel Tony!

This boy had Downs… At first he spooked me, but I soon realized he was all about peace…. we talked quite a bit about the intricacies of his sea shell collection… They might as well have been diamonds as far as we were concerned...

Noah can fix your carburetor and draw a bull shark to your dock.
A local mom in Bimini can still get excited about a fish.
For two weeks, I broke bread, sailed, snorkeled, and shared smiles with Zach and his dad, Pat.
I lost count of the many Canadians I met cruising the Bahamas.
If you wake Willie from his nap, he will give you a personal tour of his driftwood sculptures…. 30 years in the making.
His wife, Susa, weaves baskets
and does not like having her picture taken.

I was glad to join up with my Fernandina dock mates Ray and Wanda aboard Wind Dancer while in the Bahamas… We shared a dinner and I would see them again in another month… Ray is one salty sailor, full of helpful information.
My brother Mike surveys the scene but missed out
on the bonefish outing we hoped for at Long Island.
It's always nice to see a couple in love high atop a lighthouse.

Yes, my daughter, Amy handles a small live shark here…
the big one got away.

Here she is again… After what she has been through, I like to think she can walk on water.
Duane and June aboard Sea Clearly use a special ramp to get their elderly lab, Roux, aboard… Sadly, he passed on to doggie heaven a few months later.
David's son, Matt came down for a week in the islands…
youth and vigor with a Go Pro cam.
Charlie here adopted me for a day… and then he abandoned me when I left the beach…. I hope he writes me.
"should I get married a fourth time?" he pondered

Di says she and Mike get along much better now that she doesn't try to change him.  He's been operating his own island supply boat out of Nassau for 25 years… He has the energy of a teen with lots of rum, singing, and hyperactivity along the way.
Ida still cuts hair outside her laundrymat for $10 a head… no sweeping of hair required… it just blows into the sea.
David and Cindy are on their 3rd or 4th trip to the Bahamas…
a retired corporate pilot and a doctor of psychology make a winning pair.
Bahama native, Cordell Williams still gives his 1:30 history lecture at the Chat and Chill in Georgetown every Sunday.
Davido delivers the tourists from
Georgetown to Stocking Island for afternoons in the sun…
He can drive the heck out of a double outboard rig.
The local Rake and Scrape band still delivers island music to Eddies By the Sea each Monday.  Come early for happy hour.
Zach's girlfriend CJ is on the left, here from Australia.  Ted, Brenda, and daughter Tawny.
Me, Ted, and Mark had fun playing in the sand at the cruisers pot luck one Sunday afternoon.
Tawny kept the beat with the percussion egg here.
Vanessa, Chloe, and Suzanne at our yoga class.  It didn't take these French ladies long to discover I was not a real yoga teacher… so we all shared poses.
Gloria and Maurice aboard their catamaran also named
Glory Days… from St. Augustine…
She makes a mean batch of fresh conch fritters.
Another rendezvous with Cindy and David, my dock neighbors from Fernandina
Keeshan lives in a small village called Black Point, accessible only by boat… few roads,   no airport.  We hit it off.
All Fernandinians re-unite on my last day before departing to the states for a while.
Patrick here was kind to forward me the remaining subscription left on his Chris Parker daily weather report.
Zivago here runs the place called Scorpios in Black Point.  He fed me and paid me well for two nights while I provided music for the customers...
Patrons at Scorpios… I think they liked it… At least no one threw tomatoes.
Church folks on a Sunday morning… It filled up later.. and God got a really good praisin' before the morning was done.

And when a pelican gives you this look, the only thing you can say is…. "You talking to ME?!"

Stay tuned… next entries will be coming soon… Blue Water To The Abacos and another one simply titled Hope.
Namaste,  JG


  1. Great photos! And it sounds like you're having a blast!

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