April 18, 2013

Elvis Lives! - Post #4

The young Elvis

The Large Elvis

After returning to Marietta for a few days, Erin and I drove back down together to Glory Days.

Little did we know that an Elvis Fest was such a grand deal in this small Georgia town... Well, indeed, there was a hunka-hunka-burning-love Elvis impersonators all over town for this big event... Must've seen at least 30 of them... Everywhere you turned, you saw Elvis walkin' around town ... The young Elvis, the fat Elvis, the crooner Elvis, even the Hispanic Elvis...

Who's that with Capt. Joe?

The Yogi Master

Thankfully, I am a diehard Elvis fan and I was happy as a clam to check it all out.  They were performing all over the place in town... 4 at a time!  

Later that night, there was a big Elvis Shoot Out to crown the high and mighty one, but we opted for sunset dinner aboard Glory Days instead.   Perfect weather again... the marina is only a few blocks away, and I drifted asleep with a faint tinge of "I Did It My Way" in the background.

The next day we made our way out to the beach at St. Simon's Island for some walking and gazing at the sea... Erin did some nice yoga moves along the way here....It's a nice quiet beach... not white sand, but still mystical just the same with its abundant bird life and grey water of the Atlantic.

The Brunswick River Bridge is huge.... It is the tallest bridge in Georgia, and is a 3 mile long jaunt if you go both ways on it... Since its the only "mountain", hillside,  for hundreds of miles, it's a popular hiking and jogging spot... plus it offers some brilliant views of the tidal marshes.

The views from the bridge are awesome.

looking east



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