May 7, 2013

Ponderings.... Post #9

Sailing Truths...
If it can tangle and knot up it will,
and right when you need it.
If it can snag on a hatch cover it will,
at the least opportune time.

If the halyard can wrap around the mast,
it will... sometimes twice.
If there are white caps all around you,
you waited too late to reef.

If any hat can blow off your head,
it will be your favorite one.
If you need the tide current in your favor to make better speed,
don't count on it.
If you find yourself in a hurry,
slow down immediately.

If you need her to stay on course while you go down below,
she will sneak off to starboard the minute you leave.
And If you get confused on navigation, or lines get tangled in the forestays,
 a fish will strike your trolling rod and run like hell with your favorite lure.

Halyard Manners...

It's the polite thing for boaters to quell the sound of any halyards that tend to bang and clank against the mast for all othe boaters in the area to hear... 

It's not a pleasant thing if you have to listen to the halyards bang on the mast of a neighboring boat that is nearby .... it's sort of like farting on someone, but without the odor... 

For landlubbers, halyards are the lines (ropes) that lead up the mast and when connected to a sail, they raise the sail up and down the mast...but when the boat is at rest with no sails up, these lines often clank clank clank against the mast causing a constant dribble of sound... the polite thing to do is to secure your halyards so that they stand "away" from the mast a few inches, thus no clanking against the mast... this is easily achieved with a small bungee cord or short piece of rope... 

My neighbor evidently, is unwaware of this ... oh well, it could be worse... there seems to be a unspoken brotherhood between boaters most anywhere on or near the water... People are always going out of there way to offer help from everything to an outboard engine that won't start to giving directions... quieting noisy halyards should be a given, but it's ok... people forget... sort of like a roll of tin foil getting away from you.

I've even found myself in my underwear in the middle of the night securing a neighbor's noisy halyard so I can sleep.  Just more fun parts of complaints are unjust.

Now That's Plum Purty..... A big yes to New Anchor Line and Chain.... a nice little upgrade on the anchor rode (line) and chain goes a long way in how well a skipper will sleep at night while on the anchor.... gorgeous... It will never be this clean again, friends.

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