May 6, 2013

The Ocean Breathes ... Post #7

She Breathes... 

This ocean takes two deep breaths a day.

There's the inhale when tidal waters are drawn to the sea.

Then there is the exhale when tidal waters ease back into the marshes.... repeat.

Inhale exhale, inhale exhale deeply twice each day.  It's so dependable, and right.

If you're around her long enough, you soon find yourself breathing right there with her ... in a peaceful unison and in a similar rhythm.

It's a synchronicity that works and serves everything in and around its path.  You soon learn to taste the feeling when she's on the inhale, and you learn to feel the relief when she's on the exhale ... and all is good and complete for another day.

You enjoy that pivotal moment when she is holding it in, just before the release.  It's like one big toke, and it keeps coming.   It'll do that.

Over and over, day and night, long deep breaths that continue to give more life .... ahhh.

She speaks, "Here, my creatures, is another daily round of give and give..."

These deliberate, slow deep breaths make a worthy way to live.

Breathe deeply, mother ocean.

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