June 18, 2013

8 Days On The Hard at Tiger Point

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“The love that is given to ships
is profoundly different from the love men feel
for every other work of their hands.”

Joseph Conrad, The Mirror of the Sea, 1906”

8 Days On The Hard

If you are unfamiliar with boating vernacular, let me explain.... if a boat is "on the hard", it means that the boat is now on land, typically in a cradle or boat braces at a  boat yard.   One puts their boat "on the hard" in order to work to the hull or make repairs on the underside. 

For clarification purposes, "on the hard" has nothing to do with sexual arousement or the ever feared warnings that are mentioned over & over again in commercials for Cialis.

So back to the point.  Glory Day's is on the hard, or somewhat in the shop, for upgrades, maintenance and preventive repairs.  Painting of the hull was the main task at hand this week, as was buffing of the sides, as was replacing the log shaft hose on the prop shaft.
check out that shine!  It took 3 days.
8 days on the hard at Tiger Point Marina


This is Greg putting on some epoxy to the keel before painting.
It was a cool setting right on Egan's Creek.... bait store at the bridge.... 
The bronze prop was painted with "Shark Skin"
A well buffed boat with Marina office in background ... Tiger Point Marina
Fort Clinch just a stroll away...

More Fort Clinch.... battles were fought here in  early 1800's

What were they thinking?
Instead of fighting battles, they could've been sauntering down this river beach.
Yay! Amy returns!

Pier Fishing... but no fishes...

A pink spoonbill on Egan's Creek made my day.
And yet another stranded Horseshoe Crab... I save a couple of them by placing them in the surf, but then decided to let nature take her course.
Fishing Pier and boat launch nearby.

Lovely garden on this cruiser.

When I got the bill for the repair work, I went into sticker shock.... but like all boat jobs, it took longer than expected and cost more than you figured on.
cutlass bearing to replace

special gizmo that installs the cutlas bearing.

Now she's in ....  gorgeous.

Log shaft hose replaced.... 8 hours labor $$$$$ ouch

Their office sits in a marsh on Egan's Creek
 Egan's Creek

Local corn snake doing his job.

Glory Days on the hard....

Dinghy trips at sunset to end each day

Back in the water she goes now...

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