June 9, 2013

Amy Gets Her Sea Legs - Post #16

MAY 19....

"What I wanted most for my daughter was that she be able to soar confidently in her own sky, whatever that may be." 
Helen Claes

Amy Gets Her Sea Legs

On Monday, May 19, My daughter, Amy, and I departed Marietta, Ga. to Brunswick, Ga ... This would be her first trip aboard Glory Days... She's 23, young,  and full of an unknowing excitement to go sailing .... with dear ole Dad
We  arrived just before dark and set up camp on Glory Days.... After rising Tues. a.m. we did a slough of errands, Radio Shack, Winn Dixie, West Marine, and the fish market...finally,, It seems there's always some wire, some cable, some device, or some supply you feel you must have before you shove off from the pier.... but we finally iced everything down and got away around 2 pm... off to Jekyll Island for the night... and a gorgeous day it was..

Its nice to have someone else take the helm for a change.  Single handing is so much more demanding on a skipper.

 As the tide peaked at 6:22 pm, we wisely made our move to enter Jekyll Creek.... Evidently it has some of the most shallow sections here on the entire ICW... I'd be lying if I didnt confess that I've already grounded once here in previous passages... but we caught it perfectly, and within an hour found ourselves anchored contently a short distance south of the Jekyll Harbor Marina.... Time to relax, bait some more hooks and cooked 2 of the most tasty shish-ka-bobs on the grill...

Once there, we motored ashore to a wonderful driftwood beach...we took lots of photos and a made  short attempt at fishing... I must say, Amy is ever so determined fishing as she works hard rigging, baiting, casting and wondering if anything will ever bite her little mushy pile of squid on the end of the hook.... no luck, only a snagged line and rigging lost...All it seems to take is one little nibble from any fish to keep her hooked for a couple more hours of fishing.

the moon is nearly full now... only 2 more nights and it will be there... tomorrow will be an island day... too nice here to consider leaving just yet...  so we anchored for the night and explored the area the next day.

Such a sweet anchorage.  This has become one of my favorite stops now.  Easy anchorage, easy access to the beach, and a great marina there if you want to use their facilities... we topped off our fuel tank, water tank before departing south toward Fernandina.
Horseshoe Crab - everywhere!
Peek a Boo

This is Amy getting in a shampoo from the water hose at the marina dock.  I used to think she was so prissy, but not so much anymore.... she can adapt to her surroundings... makes a papa proud.

They were into it.
Kids at a 4-H Marine Camp learning sea stuff                                                    

We had our own studies in biology and humorology
I ran into an old former coworker who took this pic of us... small world.
The Jekyll Island Marina was very accommodating... For $10 we got to use this cool beach bikes all day long.... it's part of the dinghy fee... yep, everywhere you go it seem, you gotta pay for parking... park your boat, park your car, park your dinghy, you even gotta pay to park your butt it seems where ever you go.
the approach
The  entry
The follow through
Lovers strolling
Not a bad anchorage at all
decorative breakfast

Somebody's Gotta Do It

Me Yogi man

Departure from Jekyll came at 7 a.m. the following morn. Soon we would discover if we could sail south on the outside or take the inside route along the ICW. Due to low winds and a forcast for winds directly out of the south, Skipper Joe made the call to take the inside route via the ICW. Its not easily sailing south directly into a south wind, thus the decision.

As we motored along the ICW, this barge came barreling up on us out of nowhere.... Thankfully, he turned out to be friendly as we hailed him on the radio and let him pass by our port side.
Feisty barge passing

Here's some other scenes along the way... It's always good to see the Coast Guard boats in the area....

As we approached the St. Mary's river inlet, we would soon stumble upon a some amazing events near the King's Bay Naval Headquarters.... Tune into the post titled Submarines and Jellyfish for the stunning details! 
 The journey with Amy continues on the Fernandina!
A foreboding omen for what was to come

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