June 30, 2013

My Brother and The Doors Of St. Mary's

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What is more pleasant than a friendly little yacht,
a long stretch of smooth water,
a gentle breeze, the stars?

William Atkin

My Brother And The Doors of St. Mary's

I'm not too good with dates these days, but some time in mid June, my brother, Mike, came down to Ferandina for a great weekend aboard Glory Days... He arrived on a Thursday evening just as I was folding my underwear on a park bench facing the harbor... great laundry facilities here at Fernandina Harbor Marina.... Anyway, did you ever notice how often people use the word, "anyway" so frequently in routine conversation?... Anyway, that's the way it seems to me... I don't get it, but anyway.  What's with that?  I presume it's a transition word when a conversation approaches a lull.  Anyway, it's all good. 
Hoist that thang Bro!

The Cumberland Queen Ferry Boat passed us along the way.

After some waking hours in the marina, Mike and I departed for the 10 mile trip to St. Mary's. We timed our departure to leave with the outgoing tide.  We motor sailed for the most part since my genoa sail was in the shop... don't ask. later. 

Anyway, St. Mary's is a quaint little town nestled up the mouth of the St. Mary's River, which we navigated.  It took us only 90 minutes to arrive at our anchorage....It was a pleasant passage I must say, navigating the markers of an unknown channel.  Here's some pics of what we found when we arrive in St. Mary's, Georgia. 


For some reason, I got on a DOOR theme with my camera in St. Mary's.  The doors seemed to be speaking so I tried to give them a voice... This is what ya get....

Mike was entranced by this particular door.
The Come Here And Get Married Door.
The purple door. 

The seductive screen door.
The red that wants to be a purple door.
brrrrooonk!!!! it's an anchor dude, not a door!
The Submarine door

The Take it Easy kind of door.

The Three Paths to Heaven Kind Of  Door... sinners, saved, and Unitics.

The French tickler kind of door.
The Overlooking Silver Artwork Door.  (My fav)

Back to the Batmobile!!
Sexy Glory Days  blowing on the bay.
Peeking thru the prana again.
Double Vision ... it's what I like!
This was a "feel good" moment...       a manatee has just passed thru, evasive as ever. 

Annie is very attentive.

My brother Mike, digging into my cajun shrimp-combo-festi-tasti-super meal-magnifico- suprema!

I'll explain this later. 
What a classic old boat....  so well restored... (see, I can be serious.)
Almost home after a day trip to St. Mary's Island.  We only had one sail working since the genoa is being repaired. 
What a great weekend,  Mike.... I hope you come back soon!
Yes Joe, anything you say.
Hey look!   Can you do this?!
The Cumberland Queen Ferry Boat... She passes us again.... 

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