June 8, 2013

World's Greatest Feature Film Ever - Post #14

“The whole of life is just like watching a film. Only it's as though you always get in ten minutes after the big picture has started, and no-one will tell you the plot, so you have to work it out all yourself from the clues.”
Terry Pratchett, Moving Pictures

Latitude:      34 degrees 03' 47" N
Longitude:   84 degrees 28' 40" W

Now Showing!  55 Senses! The World's Greatest Feature Film Ever!!

7:22 a.m.... Here I am sitting on the bow of Glory Days watching the day emerge ... coffee warms me inside as I bask in gratitude.

This is better than any movie that I would ever pay to see. This IS the movie of your day and you are in it.

It has it all... action, suspense, romance, and unbridled emotion ... It's all right here. And like any good film, it leaves you wondering, pondering, thinking, and wanting more.

Opening Scene: 
First the dolphins appear in scene one on perfect cue... closer and closer they come and soon they are thrashing the water, and then back again.... perfect timing.  They are awakening to this new dawn, and they have been cast perfectly for their role.

Scene 2: 
Then there's the ever present current ... ominously swelling in and out and like the breath of the tide. The current is always there, bringing in rich characters of sedge and foam steadily right before my toes ... dare it touch it?  This is better than 3-D.

Then there's the soundtrack ... did I mention the soundtrack?.... whoa, you won't believe it. 

Listen. Listen again. Close your eyes, and now really listen. It's so complicated, and never duplicated, and continually mastered by a perfect engineer of sound. Tribes of insects and outsects from the nearby marsh swell and quell at perfect intervals between the raspy cheers of a tenacious tern. And what a script it is! Who in the world could have ever written this so perfectly? 

Scene 3: 
Kerplook! A diving bird crashes behind me in search of his brunch... Action! He's already been on the scene for three hours, maybe more. He does his own stunts too.  No stand ins here. Just what IS his plan?

Scene 4: 
Then theres the roar of an outboard screeeeeaming in the distance as his wake soon slurps against my hull 300 seconds later. And tell me, just what ARE those high flying gulls chatting about with each other on this flawless morn? It's like they are the ones that hold the plot for this film and they know the outcome that we will soon discover. This is turning into a real thriller. I hope it never ends. Tic Toc ...Tic Toc...

Scene 5: 
Tide rises. Suspense builds. The 23 dolphins have moved up river now in search of any suspect worthy of their prey. A Harley zooms over the bridge adding a rumbling flair to my non existent cares ... Everything is happening at once!

Scene 6: 
The sun rises higher now, heat builds, and this mystery tale soon evolves into a National Geographic special episode on the interconnectivity of all the previous scenes. Splendid.

Closing Scene: 
They say we have 5 senses. But this movie is called 55 Senses, and it's building more all the while... How can there be so many senses?.... 

And to think I actually missed the whole opening scene by showing up late at 7:22 a.m. Now it's up to me to work it all out from the clues.... but that's ok, because I hear this film will be showing again tomorrow.... It fact, it shows everyday of the year forever....but you gotta come early people..... you gotta come pre-early in the morning for the best seats if you want to really open your eyes and ears and those 55 Senses to the World's Greatest Feature Film of all time.

Great seats still available. Daily screenings. Bring your coffee and plan to stay late.

Let the credits roll.

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