August 22, 2013

Ponce de Leon's Trail -- St. Augustine, Aug. 2013

"Run my dear,
from anything 
that may not strengthen
Your precious budding wings."


Post #29

Bridge of Lions entrance

Dear God,Is there anyway I could be an Osprey for a day?   Love, Joey

These magical creatures always stop me in my tracks no matter what i'm doing...

Here are some other misc scenes and short snippets from St. Augustine, Florida.  Glory Days spent the month of August here at Rivers Edge Marina.  

A few of the nights were spent on the ever faithful mooring ball next to the famous Bridge of Lions... Amy and I explored a unique area called The Salt Run on Thursday Aug. 15.... She had to return the following day but it a gem of a day we had.... 

Skies, water, glare, breeze.
days like this are what I need. .

You only live once?   False.

You live everyday.
You only die once.

A couple of days later,  Glory Days enjoyed a lovely afternoon anchorage just off off the beach of Ponte Vegra.   Lots of bird life around and good swimming off the back of the boat.... 

At Ponte Vedra people are allowed to bring their vehicles onto the beach there... and they do in a big way, in a good way.
High Flyers...

Rainbow to top off a perfectly executed sail day.... nothing went wrong!

Sunday morning moment.

Happy Family .... Sunday morning 

My Candy Store.... used boat parts!
Sailor's  haven...

This guy was dancing his butt off on the back of this shrimp boat going out to sea... and why not?  

funky greenish bluish odd boat caught my eye.

My neighbors from the mooring ball.  
This huge towering cross is actually a navigation aid for vessels entering the harbor from the Atlantic.... It stands tall, strong and bright to bring mariners safely into the channel and enter St. Augustine.... 

Stay tuned for the sailing trip back north to Fernandina around Labor Day.... Thank you God for safe travels, health, and the ocean.

Blue Dot is Rivers Edge Marina ... the place i be for now.

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