February 18, 2014

A Sunday in South Beach

It would be an understatement to say that the South Beach district of Miami is a "colorful" place.  

My cruising guide rated South Beach as the #1 top place in the world for people watching.... Hmmmm... I'm a people... I wonder if anybody was watching me?

But I had this Sunday to explore the area, so I decided to sail into the city and see what all the hoopla was all about ... I'm sorry if I took too many pictures of pretty girls scantily dressed... I'm really not sexist.... I just love photography, and I take photos of what a see, ... And what I saw was all these young shiny happy people showing off their happy bodies ... From a photography standpoint, they are Gods creation too, just like beautiful sunsets, trophy fish, and scenic vistas... To that,  I say "God sure made them good" didn't he? (Or she?). Besides, none of them paid any attention to me anyway...  I was just a fly on the wall to them.
i left No Name harbor at 7:30 am. Sunday, feb. 16, 2014

When I pulled up anchor from No Name, I had a lovely 2 hour trip back thru the heart of downtown Miami, past Government Cut, and onward to the back side of Hibiscus Island as you see from this satelitte image. ( I am told Madonna has a home on Hibiscus Island where I anchored but I did not see that little rascal anywhere).

  I take pleasure in knowing that I'm getting the same million dollar view, for free, that the home owners there are paying gazillions for ... Thankfully, it seems to be a symbiotic relationship, and I always mind my manners when I'm anchored in their front yard. 

Under the Rikenbacker causeway again, but headed north this time.
That little blue dot is me, just north of the main shipping channel between Hibiscus and Palm  Island

Interesting thing, I was having a techinical issue with my Ipad, so luckily when I came ashore from my dinghy, ... wahlah!... there was an Apple store just a few blocks away.  It was almost like going to church on this Sunday morning finding that Apple store and getting all my technical issues resolved at the Temple.... Oops mean the Genius Bar... Thank God.

My GPS navigation system operates on the IPad so this was a good thing to fix. (Yes, I have a backup GPS chart plotter, 2, in case the IPad dies)

It would be a good day to be on South Beach... Perfect weather.
this paddle boarding thing seems to be just about everywhere these days... I can't wait to try it myself sometime... After kite surfing I hope 
I had heard all the stuff about South Beach being a "tops optional" beach for the ladies... So naturally, I was on the lookout .,, but I was a bit disappointed... Out of about 10,000 people on the beach I saw two ... well I guess that would be a total of 4, if you know what I mean...( hee hee!!)   After all, I  went topless on the beach .... But nobody seemed to notice me.

It's such an international community here and these Europeans and South Americans don't have the same hang ups about beachwear, or lack of beachwear, as found in the States ...  I felt like I was a minority here with so many differnt languages being spoken all around me... When that happens, sometimes I just knod and smile as if i understand what they are saying... The Hungarian couple I met didn't seem to notice.

So GO Volleyball!  What a great sport!
I studied these vollyball players for a while so I could improve my game... if I ever play volleyball that is... they were good.
Great serve!

You see, I DID get a photo of a guy playing volleyball as well.
The old zoom lens comes in handy sometime... 
Always keep your eye on the ball.

Several words come to mind when I think of South Beach.... sand, water, topless, youth, glitter, jocks, night clubs, celebrities, sports figures, topless, fast cars, boats, foods, indulgence, alcohol, to name a few...but its the art decco architecture that really separates the district from the rest of Miami.  Here's a few samples. 

Many of the of high end restaurants seem to use pretty girls and sex appeal to lure you into their establishment... Well, I'm here to tell you, it did not work on me! ... hee hee! .. ok, i'm acting like a teenager again... I hate it when that happens... not really, cause it happens all the time.
These girls had it going...
 They seemed to be having a jolly good time on a Sunday afternoon... I'm sure they'd already been to church that morning.

During the weekdays, she's a nun.
Future Congress woman.
Model for denim shorts.
Now this photo above is where all the jocks hang out.  If you are so inclined (I was not), you step into the sand with all your hard muscles bulging and you take part in whatever physical callistenics you care to... guys were doing push ups, pull ups, squats, you name it... music was blaring and everybody seemed to like it.... so you see, I DID take some photos of guys instead just the ladies..
Uuuu oh!

Why isn't Joe out here doing this stuff?
I'm not sure what this guy's story was, but he was not at the Jock beach... I think he was trashed... hee hee...   ( I seem to have a hee hee thing going tonight... hee hee)
the drinks are BIG and so are the prices... I ordered one beer with my lunch at a cafe, and they brought me TWO of these huge mugs full of beer ... evidently, it was buy one, get one free .... at a price of $16 I found out when I got my check... my, what a deal... (No hee hee here.)

Adult Icees
Suddenly, I was drawn into this shop, because I really dug this green shirt... However, I was not in there very long at all, once I read the price tag... only $189... (maybe they'll mark it down 10% next week ... hee hee. :)
I'm sure he was wearing this flag in recognition of Presidents Day tomorrow... (hee hee)

this man sold some way cool jewelry and he was interesting to talk to.
He was pretty intense, and he had eyes that seemed to look right into your soul... so I quickly bought a shark tooth necklace and split.... Hee hee hee hee...
I've always been a sucker for a good mime... Its the one dramatic art expression, besides improv,  that I would actually like to do out in public one of these days...  This gal was like a perfect statue... amazing... (no hee hee here).  I'd probably go as a knight or a dwarf if I ever become a mime.

the Lincoln Road outdoor mall is quite festive... markets, shops, cafes, and all sorts of people, people, people... All with their tops on.... Hee hee :)
After my buy one-get-one-free beer garden, I found my way back to the dingy... and I loaded up my Greenzone folding bike for the looooong  trip back to Glory Days... I should've anchored closer.
This guy almost ran me down as I was motoring back in the dink... I guess its my fault, cause I'm in this teeny weeny boat in this big bay of choppy water carrying a bicycle and groceries back home... he just came out of no where and didn't even slow down ... 

His boat name seemed to sum it up... real defiance right in your face 
(Have you noticed I'm working up to posting a commentary on my opinion of power boats?  It's coming...)
Under the shortie bridge, almost back home..
ahhhhhh... take a load off now... it was a great day... It was good to see all the hip crowd, but this boat will be pulling up the anchor early in the morning in search of more remote areas...hee hee ho ho hee hee :)

Peace. Paz. Pax.

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