April 4, 2014

The Black Point Settlement

Ralph Waldo Emerson
“To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment.”
― Ralph Waldo Emerson

The dingy dock at Blackoint

I really fell in love with this little Exumas community call Black Point... I think I stayed a week here, not sure but im sure it was more than 5 days and less than 8... Just a small unpretentious community with friendly locals and lots of cruisers from all over the world... 

The Explorer charts are essential... You will soon have each page memorized

I played 2 gigs at Scorpios and made some extra cash plus frees meal and beverages... Me like this

They were very welcoming at church on Sunday ... Lots of praising to Jesus... Black folks really  know how to make church a real worship time... The crowd got bigger than this photo shows

Cheese burger in paradise at Lorraine's CAfe

Rugged coast

I buddy boated with Zach and Pat (son and father) for about 10 days... Lots of dinners , diving, and coffee,.,,. Really great guys.. Zachs boat us a 27' Irwin called Guacomole ..bi miss Thes guys a lot

A bucket of grouper... Yum
This little boy had Downs, and he insisted showing me his shells... Too bad his deep eyes don't show up here

I am literally on the proverbial hog heaven

Looking out my back door

Guacomole on a nice reach

Flashback to Amy

Willie... He has 30 years of driftwood sculptures on display... Wake him up from his map and he will give you a tour

Nurse sharks at the feeding hole

There were about 40 boats anchored here everyday as long as the wind was put of the west.... I did my VHF radio broadcast for a week here and met more folks than I can remember... God, this is such good times... 

Willie doing his tour thing

The local blow hole
Guacomole coming in

Words fail me... God is good

I will always have fond thoughts of Black Point... Just a small little community that does nothing to attract tourists... Only cruisers know her secret. 

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