October 24, 2014

My Groovy Movie

Hello Friends…

You can click on the YouTube link below to see my latest mini-movie called Sailing With Glory Days 2014. 

It's been 3 months since my last post because Glory Days has been taking a much needed rest in dry storage just south of Jacksonville at Green Cove Springs.  

Skipper Joe here needed some time to regroup back at home.  And in doing so, I finally got around to creating this little mini movie, music video, about my sailing blessings of 2014….

It won't be long now before I give her a fresh coat of bottom paint and finalize some maintenance matters before she splashes back into the sea again, sometime in Nov. 2014.   

This year's plan is to remain near Amelia Island till the end of the year, and then depart for the islands on Jan.1 again.

I plan to linger in the Florida Keys during the winter…. who knows, maybe the Bahamas lure will pull me back there later this winter… I'm open to the possibilities...

So here's my YouTube groovy movie with my music as a soundtrack…. I hope you like it… It's best viewed on a full monitor… turn it up!

Correction:   The opening photo in this video incorrectly says my sail departure date was Jan. 1, 2013…. correct date should read Jan. 1, 2014.