November 19, 2016

A Collection Of My Music Video Archives

"Creating is all I long to do.  
I can't keep up with all the ideas, projects, lyrics, love, and tunes racing through my head. I'm overwhelmed of how to get it all done and leave it behind before I die. "

Hello Friends:  
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Sail On!

God does it everyday it seems.  Enjoy.
You've Done It Again God

More Sailing With Glory Days
"There You Have It!"
A compilation of silly selfies that tell a tale. Episodes visited from the first 2 years aboard Glory Days.
"There You Have It!"

2014 Sailing With Glory Days
This video is a compilation of still shots and videos from my first trip to the Bahamas, 2014.  Soundtrack music by yours truly. One of my favorites!

Here's a song about a kinder gentler hurricane.  
From the cd Beyond Tomorrow, 2006

Sailing The Florida Keys In 5 Minutes!
This is a mixed bag of photos from sailing the 
Florida Keys condensed into a 5 minute movie!

Life On The Waterway:
In the summer of 2016 I traveled from Georgia to Maryland over 1200 miles along the wonderful Intracoastal Waterway.  This little video documents the sights along the way with a special soundtrack I wrote dedicated to the ICW.

Wild Horses of Cumberland Island.
This 2 minute video was meant to capture the essence of the beautiful wild horses that roam freely over Cumberland Island.  
It's my favorite anchorage on the East Coast. 

Sitting On Sand In The Florida Keys
This short music video was inspired by the song I wrote about 20 years ago.  It still brings me back today, and the Keys seemed like an appropriate place to honor the song. 

Skim Boarders - Restless Natives.
Filmed in about 1 hour, these young surfers really impressed me with their skills on the short skim board and youthful determination.  Music by The Hellecasters.

My Dad Taught Us How To Fish
I was blessed with two great parents who taught me the value of love and life.  My Dad will also be my hero, and this tribute video was played at his funeral.  Even though I wrote it, I still well up in tears whenever I view it.  
My Dad, Harold Green  
March 10, 1928 to December 17, 2012.

Sailing Home
This 4 minute video documents the return home on Glory Days in 2015 after another great year of causing, this time from the Florida Keys. 
 Great memories and songs.

The Alligator Skier
With tongue in cheek I made this little movie on a weekend trip to Lake Blackshear, Georgia visiting my friends Dixon and Patricia Hudgins.  My former wife, Erin, plays the lead.  Pure lunacy this one!

Somebody's Gotta Do It
Thanks to Michael Rose for playing the lead guitar licks on this rocking little number I wrote about having faith in yourself to do what you want to do.  
A rocking little song about living your dream!

High On A Mountain
My dear Aunt Frankie had a huge impact on my life and I wrote this tune to honor her.  At the time, I probably never gave her the credit she deserved, but I sure miss her now and realize just how cool she was.  Another funeral tribute tune that means so much to me. 

No One Could Argue With That
Everybody needs a good break-up song and this in mine.  To soften the bruise I chose to use all these romantic photos that I searched on Google.  "Things Come Undone" could be the title as well.  
I never tire of singing this one.

The Locavore Song
My career as a horticulture teacher was the best gift of my whole life.  I love my students. I love their energy and their vision. And this song is just one small increment of the things we did to encourage sustainable agriculture and living off the land.  Buy Local!!

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