April 15, 2013

One 1987 Pearson 33.... Check! - Post #2

Those who travel fastest see the least,
but he that would see, feel, and hear the most
of life, nature, and God,
let him go down to the sea in a small sailing vessel.
 L. Francis Herreshoff

It was March 6, 2013

 Finally, the deal is done... Sailing Vessel, Glory Days is procured. After looking at over 50 boats, and losing two offers, over the past several months, a boat deal is finally closing... ahhhhh.... She's a 1987 Pearson 33, gently used... and she doesn't have a clue of what I'm about to put her through.

I won't go into the minutia of the boat survey or the sea trial except for a few photos here...  just put it say that The Hunt is over and she passed the survey with some little issues noted ...  I keep inching up 3 feet at a time when it comes to sailboats ... the 27' Catalina, then the 30' Newport, and now the Pearson 33... man, she's a sweet looking ride... sexy boat... basic, but adequate... for now at least.  Another small step for my little version ofmankind.... I  will say a big thank you to the previous owners for leaving her so clean.

The Brunswick Landing Marina... 

I think I'll keep her here for now .... it's a great location with lots of high end yachts... i'm actually, the little guy on the block in the Pearson 33... I'm okay with that... sort of like buying the cheapest house in a neighborhood of millionaries... Hopefully, I won't bring down the neighborhood drying my laundry or playing music till the wee hours...  

but there is also a clash of  cultures here... all these yachts lined up so neatly along the river are only a stones throw from some pretty impoverished neighborhoods.... unfortunately, that sometimes brings crime... They are folks who assume it is only natural and normal for them to have your things.... after all, you have some much, and they so little... it's easily justified in their mind. 

easy does it...

So back to the  boat.... She weighs in at 11,000 pounds with 16 horsepower of Yanmar get up and go. Lots of good wood in the interior, tho all the exterior wood needs grinding human labor to perk up the teak.  Its takes me days to unload, and sort, all me stuff, but its a good thing.  She'll need a bottom paint job before the summer is over, but that's pretty normal... it's all normal to pour money into a boat... that's what they do... drink money.  But the payoff is priceless.

More bird omens

When we were making the passage over to the marina for the haulout, I was thrilled to notice this big bald eagle perched upon a branch above the marshes... I'd never seen a bald eagle, outside of AlaskaSo again, the bird omens come into play as to what it all could possibly mean.  I was put further at ease when I researched the totem meaning for when an eagle crosses your path... Here 'tis.

"Spirit vision and healing surround you.  

Look at things from a new perspective.

Take a different path.

Trust what you are becoming."

I couldn't have said it any better, God.  Thank you.  

I move forward fearlessly.

Sleep gently tonight.









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