January 18, 2014

Atlantic Day Sail ...

“Go small, go simple, go now” 
― Larry PardeyCruising in Seraffyn
The map below shows the fun path we took Glory Days today for our little outing... Yes, I know our course is all over the place... But That's the way it goes when you are just out sailing for the fastest speed, with no real destination that you have to make.  Go here, go there, go everywhere.
It was a perfect day sail in the Atlantic off the coast of Ft. Lauderdale... 15-20 knot winds out of the NW...  It was just just me, Craig, and his golf buddy, Jamie who is a veteran blue water sailor in his own right... Exhilerating to say the least.
We cranked out 30  miles and also spent a lot of time waiting for scheduled bridge openings... All in a days work... Er, I mean a day's play!

Here we go,...

The water taxi service is a steal of a deal... $5 for all day long... Get on, get off wherever you like.

How in the world did he get his helicopter on his yacht I'll never know.

Somebody's little shack on the Intracoastal with their little boat...places like this are commonplace.... Who ARE these people?

This boat above belongs to Johnny Depp.

Entering Port  Everglades pass... Gateway to ghe Atlantic... 8 cruise ships were in port today ..

Never, ever, get in their way.

Craig and Jamie taking a break on a nice downwind run... Soon we would have to beat it back to the north... We covered 30 miles on this gorgeous outing.  4-5' seas convinced us to move back closer to shore...  I missed the pic of the sea turtles... And no fishes struck the lure I was trolling.... Sorry, No mahi tonight guys... Looks like the only way I'll get a mahi is from the fish market.... I'll be back at it tho.
Nearby regatta

Southeast Florida is totally developed from Miami to Jupiter .... Nonstop condos

Jamey at the Helm... Craig hangin' on...
Entering the pass headed back home 

Stephen Spielberg's yacht, Seven Seas... He did not invite us aboard.

Lake Silvia.... A popular anchorage for transients... I'll probably anchor here when I head south just to put the bridge openings behind me before  an early dawn departure... Looks like a nice place to sit and think about it all before I take the solo plunge ... 

It was a Heck of a day today... A nice easy-does-it dockage back into the slip.  Docking is always a place where drama can occur if you loose focus or get a wind shift.... Nice and easy does it... I creep in like a snail for all dockings.  Craig calls his docking " a controlled crash"... But I refuse to go there!

I'm looking forward to visiting the local Unity Church tomorrow morning in ft. Lauderdale. A short 2 mile bike ride should be a piece of cake... Peace to you.

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