January 14, 2014

Drive Bys

"And if you lose your mind
It's only in your head
If your eyes go blind
Feel your way instead
And I'll be there, I'll be right there
Where I'm meant to be
And if I depend on you
Depend on me.  You can depend on me. You can depend on me.
Depend On Me - Graham Parker

This elderly man didn't really want, or know how, to talk with me.

Torque, tungsten, and titanium.

On the list.

"Look Fred, it's the blimp! It's the blimp!"  Captain Beefheart

Did someone score ten touchdowns?

Christmas is over.

I don't always shoot drive bys when I run, but I did today..

Then suddenly my day really brightened up when I found this cool towel on the side of the road... With it's colorful tie dye pattern, I'm sure it has a story.  I like to think the  best thing that ever happened to it was moving aboard Glory Days... After a good washing of course... :)

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